Welcome to the Student Artery website run by students who are passionate about art and devote their time to put on shows for the local community. We encourage students from all the courses to participate in whichever way they can. You do not need to be an art buff to help out. Every show involves a extensive amount of work and we need people to volunteer for behind the scenes stuff.

We would also like to thank all past and present students who have contributed in one way or another. Without your help, shows would simply not be possible. You can see a list of past events here.

Upcoming Shows

Currently, there are no upcoming shows. Please check back regularly to see a list of shows.


Arts networking event

A networking event is being organized on the 9th of February at the Ackland Art Museum from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. This is a great opportunity for participants to meet Art professionals. You have the opportunity to meet people who work in arts non- profit works event planning gallery ownership art administration/business professors and other working artists curatorial work graphic arts art entrepreneurs in design photography…and more. Be sure to bring a friend along as refreshments will be provided. For more Information, check out our facebook page Student Artery Facebook


WUNC featured The Artery on The State of Things on 12/15!

Submission Deadline

Submission deadlines are now closed. Check back for new dates for spring.


Some of our students will be going to london during the holidays to work with students from City University. If any of you are around the London area, feel free to get in touch. If you need local business information, go to UK store opening times for all the local amnesties.


We are moving to a different location. If anyone wants to help pack, get in touch.


All new workshop dates are up in the Foyer on ground floor. Book your seat now before it is all sold out.